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San Diego, California
92104 USA
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Thrive Mediarts offers socially conscious design and advertising solutions for progressive firms worldwide. Our work is affordable, ethically responsible, and leaves a small environmental footprint. We design exclusively for non-profits, eco-friendly businesses, environmental and social advocacy groups, progressive political candidates, PACs, community and arts-related organizations. We work within five disciplines, or areas of practice —

[ thrive | action ] Advertising, campaign and web design for progressive politicals, PACs, advocacy groups and non-profits.

[ thrive | ads ] Advertising services for small business, eco-friendly and socially conscious firms.

[ thrive | arts ] Design for print and web, advertising and marketing for the arts community.

[ thrive | design ] Socially conscious graphic design.

[ thrive | mediarts] Strategy, design, engineering and implementation for the Web.

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thrive mediarts is an Earth-friendly site thrive mediarts is an Earth-friendly site